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HAZFEST 2 (2022)
HAZFEST 2 (2022)
HAZFEST 2020 is over, but HAZFEST 2022 is on the way. RSVP to get on the contact list early and be informed on progress and when the new festival is announced.
Time is TBD
Minecraft Bedrock Edition
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The Making of HAZFEST: How To Pull Off A Minecraft Music Fest | Part one

Part one in the "behind the scenes" style series on how we put together HAZFEST is out on on the HAZCHEM Music YouTube channel. It's a compilation of comedic interviews with some of the HAZFEST staff. Go watch it. You can even what it right here.

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The Lineup


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Join the Discord server

Chat with the community and get live updates

Join us on Discord where we post live updates, live stream work and engage with festival-goers

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HAZFEST Instagram

Check out some of our posts below!

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Festival Experience

Your Festival. Your Memories.



Come together and party to a wide rage of music


Go adventuring between acts in our custom built world


Make friends and join our community on our Discord server

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Elliott Law

Festival director, Artist, Audio and lighting engineer

Elliott aka HAZCHEM is a music producer, DJ, Musician, Composer, Audio Engineer, Lighting Engineer and Minecraft Pro! Elliott owns the record label HazMusic and has put together HAZFEST as a result of the live music and event industry taking a blow from the current situation with coronavirus. Elliott hopes that this festival can bring the music industry of Tasmania together and give everyone at least one upcoming gig to look forward to or give usual festival attendees a festival that they can still attend!

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Oliver Mitchell


My name's Oliver (Olly) (Ollybear26) Mitchell, I am a grade 12 at Elizabeth College. I help with the concert by building the sets and environments that Hazfest takes place in. I work mostly with Micah Finnila & Patrick Loring and play a large part in the entertainment features and some of the boundaries of the custom built terrain that we create for the event.


Micah Finnila


I am a year 12 at Elizabeth College and I am studying music and game design, I am a builder for hazfest and have worked on the terrain and entertainment for the festival.


Patrick Loring

Build Team Leader

I know how to use the computers.


Ben Poortenaar

Builder, Lighting Technician & Artist

I’m a member of the build team and I guess I help with the lighting sometimes. Dawg


Saul Davidson

Tech Team Leader

Making sure the server doesn't crash


Liam Rodemann

Head Beta Tester

My name is Liam (Roddy) Rodemann. I am a year 12 at Elizabeth College. I am head beta tester for hazfest and help by making sure everything works and that there aren't ways of getting out of bounds, which I'm surprisingly good at finding.

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